Used Motor Inventory

1- 2010 Mudbuddy HD 7000 with 45 hours on it. Very Clean has Q muffler and a Hammer Prop.$8000-SOLD!!!!!!!!!

1-2013 Mudbuddy HD 7000 CDI with 10 hours on it.In new condition has Q muffler and Hammer prop $9500


1-2013  MudBuddy Mini 23 Tall transom with clutch prop hardly wore at all  less then 20 hours bought new from us in spring $4500



New Boat Inventory

1-1650 Xpress Drop Deck Jon on Alum trailer $4800

1- 1644 Gatortrax Guide edition with Hunt deck Flat front. Marsh grass camo ,gun box, HID Head lights, built in fuel tank. On EZ-Track Alum trailer $11570.00

1-1650 Gatortrax Guide edition With Huntdeck and Hybrid front. Back to Basics camo, gun box, HID headlights and built in fuel tank.On EZ-Track custom Alum trailer  $12115.00

1-1750 Gatortrax Guide edition Reg transom flat front, Nat-Gear Camo ,gun box,HID headlights and built in fuel tank.On Custom EZ-Track Alum trailer $11600.00

1-1750 Gatortrax Guide edition with hunt deck And Hybrid front.Marsh Grass Camo, gun box HID headlights built in fuel tank. On custom EZ-Track Alum trailer $11790.00


Used Boat Inventory 

2013 Gator Trax 1750 HyBrid with HuntDeck Back to Basic camo Full Hydro turf And many other options EZ- Track Custom Aluminum trailer with swing tounge $12800.00

2013 Gator Trax 1650 Guide Flat front with hunt deck Nat-Gear Camo Full Hydro Turf And many other options EZ-Track Custom Aluminum trailer with swing tounge $11500.00

2012 Excel 1854 F4 Painted EZ-Track Trailer $7500.00

2012 Gator Trax 1754 HyBrid With HuntDeck and Full Hydro Turf….. Galvanized Steel trailer $9999.00